Die Person rating Staat Band
Wakeman, Rick 7.0 UK YES, Solo
Rabin, Trevor 7.0 South Afrika YES, Solo
Anderson, Jon 9.0 UK YES, Solo
Bruford , Bill 7.0 UK YES, King Crimson
Levin, Tony 6.5 USA YES, King Crimson
White, Alan 7.0 UK YES
Squire , Chris 6.0 UK YES
White, Jack 8.0 USA White Stripes, Solo
Hammill, Peter 8.0 UK Van der Graf Generation, Solo
Townshend , Pete 8.0 UK The Who, Solo
Entwistle, John 6.0 UK The Who, Solo
Daltrey, Roger 5.5 UK The Who, Solo
Jagger, Mick 8.0 UK The Rolling Stones
Richards, Keith 9.0 UK The Rolling Stones
Sting, 8.0 UK The Police, Solo
Summers, Andy 6.5 UK The Police
Morrison , Jim 8.0 USA The Doors
McCartney, Paul 10.0 UK The Beatles, Solo
Starr, Ringo 6.5 UK The Beatles, Solo
Lennon, John 10.0 UK The Beatles, Solo
Lee, Alvin 6.5 UK Ten Years After, Solo
Byrne, David 7.0 USA Talking Heads
Bolan, Marc 7.5 UK T.Rex
Hodgson, Roger 8.0 UK Supertramp
Davies, Rick 7.0 USA Supertramp
Rossi, Francis 7.0 UK Status Quo
Stewart, Rod 7.0 UK Solo, Faces
Turner, Tina 6.0 USA Solo
John, Elton 8.5 UK Solo
Quatro, Suzi 7.0 USA Solo
Mitchell, Joni 7.5 Canada Solo
Petty, Tom 7.0 USA Solo
Springsteen, Bruce 8.5 USA Solo
Dylan, Bob 8.0 USA Solo
Zappa, Frank 8.0 USA Solo
Joplin, Janis 6.0 USA Solo
Cooper, Alice 6.5 USA Solo
Donovan, 7.5 UK Solo
Lifeson, Alex 7.5 Canada Rush
Lee, Geddy 8.5 Canada Rush
Dio, Ronnie 6.0 USA Rainbow, Solo
Deacon, John 6.5 UK Queen
Mercury, Freddie 8.0 UK Queen
Wright, Richard 7.0 UK Pink Floyd, Solo
Waters, Roger 8.5 UK Pink Floyd, Solo
Gilmour, David 8.0 UK Pink Floyd
McCafferty, Dan 7.5 UK Nazareth
Page, Jimmy 9.5 UK Led Zeppelin
Plant, Robert 8.5 UK Led Zeppelin
Fripp, Robert 8.0 UK King Crimson
Hendrix, Jimi 6.5 USA Jimi Hendrix Experience, Solo
Hackett, Steve 7.0 UK Genesis, Solo
Gabriel, Peter 8.0 UK Genesis, Solo
Nicks, Stevie 7.0 USA Fleetwood Mac
Lake, Greg 7.0 UK ELP
Emerson, Keith 7.0 UK ELP
Lynne, Jeff 7.5 UK ELO
Knopfler, Mark 7.0 UK Dire Straits
Coverdale, David 7.0 UK Deep Purple, White Snake
Blackmore, Ritchie 9.0 UK Deep Purple, Rainbow
Paice, Ian 6.0 UK Deep Purple
Gillan, Ian 7.0 UK Deep Purple
Lord, Jon 6.0 UK Deep Purple
Fogerty, John 8.0 USA Creedence C.R.
Clapton, Eric 6.5 UK Cream, Solo
Baker, Ginger 5.0 UK Cream
Van Vliet, Don 8.0 USA Captain Beefheart
Osbourne , Ozzy 9.0 UK Black Sabbath, Solo
Iommi, Tony 7.0 UK Black Sabbath
Gibb, Robin 7.5 Australia Bee Gees
Gibb, Barry 7.0 Australia Bee Gees
Harrison, George 8.5 UK Beatles, Solo
Wilson, Brian 8.0 USA Beach Boys
Rodgers, Paul 6.5 UK Bad Company, Solo
Young, Angus 8.5 Australia AC/DC
Young, Malcolm 9.0 Australia AC/DC
Scott, Bon 7.0 Australia AC/DC
Ulvaeus, Björn 7.5 Sweden ABBA
Andersson, Benny 8.0 Sweden ABBA